ISO 20000:2011

What is ISO 20000:2011?

ISO 20000 is the internationally recognized standard for IT Service Management systems (ITSM), it’s applicable to a variety of industries and helps ensure that your processes are aligned with your business needs in an ever-changing environment. It creates a framework that allows your organization to provide a consistent and trustworthy portfolio of IT services that can be effectively managed and add value.

 ISO 20000 provides organizations with growth opportunities

Adding ISO certifications allow your business to grow in a number of strategic ways.

Firstly, by offering the opportunity to certify your business instead of your employees, ISO 20000 provides you with a boost in reputation and credibility that isn’t reliant on keeping the same employees. If an employee leaves your company for a competitor, you don’t have to worry about them bringing over skills they learned because they worked for you.

Moreover, having an ISO 20000 certification builds customer confidence. But perhaps the best way ISO 20000 certification allows your business to grow, is by providing a stable foundation of superior service levels that you can build upon as you add services and gain new clients. It’s a fully salable model that helps businesses of all sizes achieve peak efficiency.

Why ISO 20000 Certification?

Achieving ISO 20000 certification demonstrates that you have addressed and implemented an effective ITSM system. This can result in a reduction of incidents such as password attacks, cross-site scripting and improve incident control. The standard that can act as a valuable marketing tool which can help your business stand out in a very competitive market.

Benefits of ISO 20000 Certification

  • Satisfied customers
  • Demonstrates reliability
  • Profits from new business opportunities
  • Continual Improvement

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